Style Front – When Did It Get So Cold?

When did it get so darn cold? We were not just frolicking in the sun a few days ago? ::sigh::

Nonetheless, I’m kinda really excited that my favorite season is here! Hey girl, it’s been a long time – nice to feel ya once again. I love fall for the usual conventional reasons. You know, pretty fall colors, cooler weather and so forth. This year, I’ve decided to get out of my style funk and invest in some nice fall staples: a coat, trendy piece shrug, shawl thingy, some boots, and a good leather bag.

Enter the pieces below. All modestly priced between $300 for the Ann Taylor Coat and $495 for the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag; but lets be real, I’ll be stalking these items down until they get a least 30% off. I’m shooting for 50% of that Ann Taylor coat. Everything else, I’ll get within this month for my birthday. Can’t wait to look fly this season.

Bundle Up, Yo!


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