Studio Muti: African Madonna

Sweet baby Jesus! My blog is barely a two full pages long and I’m already featuring work created by the same studio TWICE. Twice people! Am I am really this lazy or is the work too damn nice to pass up an opportunity to feature twice. I suspect the latter, but I’m still recovering from an amazingly LAZY with a capital L, Sunday.

Anywhoo, the brilliant people at Muti has already shown themselves to be master illustrators with their work, Cape of Good Hope. This time however, they’ve really outdone themselves, in my opinion, with African Madonna. I mean, shit! It’s beautiful, brilliant and any other adjective you want to throw down that expresses how great balls of fire of this work. Now granted this isn’t a new piece as it was published in 2012, but I was scrolling their Behance account and I stumbled onto this well crafted piece. As a dark skinned black woman, I unfortunately, don’t stumble onto too many art pieces showing us in a majestic and regal manner. As for the purpose of this piece, Muti combined “elements from South African tribal culture and referencing religious icons, we came up with our version of an “African Madonna”.   Honestly at this point, I’m more than jealous and I hate their talent.


Images via Muti

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