Music Mondays #1: ‘Nadia Number’ by Ghanaian Contest Winner Bryte

I long to go back home — to Ghana. You see, the last time I was there, I was three; and I stayed until I was five. As sad as it is, I’ve haven’t had the opportunity to go back. Too often, many factors have prevented my return, except in my dreams where Ghana shows off it’s warmth, food, and people. To quench my thirst and need to revisit, I’ve delved deep into the continent’s music scene.

Lately it seems, all I listen to is African music. I replay my small playlist over and over again, learning words and bopping my head to its rhythmic beats. In an effort to expand my playlist, I’ve started looking into new artists. Enter Africa Unsigned, a campaign partnered with German beverage brand Bavaria, to find new African artists from different parts of the content and diaspora. As the chosen winner of Big In Ghana, Bryt is an aspiring Hiplife rapper from Accra, Ghana. His first single and video titled, Nadia Number hypnotized me from the jump. Something about a repetitive chorus makes my hips roll and feels my heart with joy. It seems the future is bright for Bryt (ha!). I can’t wait to add him to my playlist.



Image via Africa Unsigned


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