Love It: Speak Up Africa

Speak Up Africa is a not-for-profit health communications and advocacy organization dedicated “to catalyzing African leadership, enabling policy change, securing  resources and inspiring individual action for the most pressing issue affecting Africa’s future: child health.” Their mission is to reduce child mortality, combat treatable diseases, and unlock resources within the public and private sector.

Recently, they enlisted the help from DIA, a brand consultancy, design studio and production company in New York City to help in their re-branding efforts. What was created was both functional and beautifully crafted. Too often, people underestimate the power of design and the positive impact it can make on a brand. Speak Up Africa is a great example of how good design can effectively highlight a brand and its mission.

DIA had this to say about the re-brand:

We were approached by non-profit organization Speak Up Africa to help them rebrand. While they wanted to stay close to their African roots we also wanted to give them a contemporary look and feel. The logo mark nods to speech and sound with the use of wave forms while being contained within the iconic shape of the African continent.


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