Love It: Sheen

Typography is more than making letters look pretty or Times New Roman. It’s the culmination of typefaces, point size, leading, kerning, tracking, line height, and more, to help guide stories or have a conversation.  Graphic designer, illustrator and Londoner, Greg Coulton created this painstakingly beautiful typographic work called Sheen. Produced for “his neighbors” (lucky bums), Coulton demonstrates weight and history into this piece with each element being carefully crafted. Representing a “historical celebration of the area, featuring details and iconography to depict its illustrious past”, this is the kind of work is envision when I start a self directed typographic project ( quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to charge people for my fill fated type work). Unfortunately for me, my work comes nowhere close to this but I admire his skill and creativity. It’s simply beautiful and I’m awe-struck.

SheenImages via Behance

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