Linky Links: 11/7/14


Annnnddd, I’m back. Crazy week – filled with website launches and conference/expo preparations at work. I hope everyone had a wonderfully, productive week and have something fantastic planned for this weekend. Me? It’s my birthday weekend but I’m not going to be doing much of anything outside of goal setting, invoicing and sleeping.

Head over to CreativeBloq and take a ganter at their ‘90 best Tumblr Blogs for designers’ article. It’s worth a bookmark.

Like many designers, when I first started out, I had no idea not to take spec worth as I thought it was the normal process. But thankfully, I had great teachers and mentors that told me different. Clientsfromhell has an excellent example of why you should never take spec work.

Convincing clients to think about their users rather than the sale or product can be a tough task. Unfortunately, this is a daily task for me. Web Designer Depot has great recommendations and solutions to help sway the client.

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