Linky Links: 10/31/14


Halloween is here and that means it’s the official start of holiday season. Cue the annoying Christmas music. But while some of us are getting ready for endless office parties, food and lights, designers are flexing their holiday design skills. Email design Review had complied a list of awesomely designed Halloween email designs for your inspiration.

My goal for the next year is to sharpen my web designer skills and steer my way into the front end development realm. In order to do that, I need to be practice, practice, practice and of course, stay on top of the best tools for web development. Enter Web design Moo and their nifty list the for most useful & best development tools for designer and developers. My favorite so far are CSS Guidelines and Butterick’s Practical Typography.

Send a photo-based email campaign straight from your phone, eh? This has the possibility of being a totally rad app or being a waste of memory. This is one of the few moments I miss having an iPhone.

Is it possible to have good SEO simply by having great content? That’s one of the high wishes I had when I started this blog. Oh, my stuff is going to be soooo awesome that people are just going to find me and LOVE me right away. I think it’s getting harder to ignore a little link building and SEO work but some have made it simply by relying on other methods.

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