Freebie Monday: Brush Script

6Free-Fonts-BrushesStory Board | Olympic Branding | Xtreem 2 | Dollie Script | Rain Forest | The Best Night


Design is one of those areas that can get expensive real quick – especially when it comes to typography. So when I can find free, well made loot, I like to share it with my fellow design peeps. For this collection, I’ve focused on brush script typography. I hope you like this collection!

On another note, can you believe it’s the middle of October? Goodness, gracious. Where has this month and weekend gone? Unfortunately for me, this past weekend, turned out to be a disastrous one. But where there are disasters there are lessons.  One of my client sites was hacked and the hackers removed all the pages and media. Obviously, I had a mini heart attack and nearly fainted. Luckily, I have BackupBuddy installed on the site and had a complete backup of the site. Thank Goodness.

Anyway, enough about that, I hope everyone has a productive and great week. Happy Monday!

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