Email Design: October 2014

Part of my tasks as a web designer with my current employer is to create all of the email marketing newsletters for our events and shows. As you can imagine, staying fresh and creative while trying to cram all of the requested information in a visually appealing manner can be difficult — on top of tight deadlines. The result are often at times, mixed. Some are amazeballs while the rest are adequate. Here are my favorite email designs from last month.


Client: WebRTC Conference & Expo

Objective: Showcase the many reasons why the expo is kick-ass by showing them the event numbers.

Solution: Because the content for this was so long, I decided to create an infographic – thereby making is easier to visually digest. The color palette is based off the logo; choosing colors that meshed well together and would not distract from the other.


Client: M2M Conference & Expo

Objective: Create a newsletter that emphasized each section (header, sub-header, icons and call-to-action) whilst still displaying a visually impactful message.

Solution: Utilized different colors and textures for each section. Therefore making it easy to read and navigate.


Client: WebRTC Conference & Expo

Objective: The focus of this blast is the header and the diamond plan call-to-action. Everything else is secondary.

Solution: Placed a blue background on the header to give it emphasis and gave the diamond plan call-to-action an orange background to secure readers’ attention. Added icons to the different elements for added prettiness and interest.



Client: ITEXPO

Objective: Create a Halloween themed blast without making it too cartoonish.

Solution: This was hard as the copy made no reference to Halloween. Therefore, I choose to use a Halloween inspired color palette of oranges, brown, and plum;  I added a cauldron for a little fun.


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