New Work: It’s Infographic Time!

Apparently, I have a thing for infographics. My first official infographic was my resume which I had so much fun creating. Afterwards, I’ve become addicted to them and searched the internet looking and researching everything I could find about them. I created this Infographic back in July for the technology conference, ITEXPO.  The purpose of this infographic is to attract and persuade enterprise companies to attend the conference. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I did a great job. No?

The hardest part in creating this piece, was the organization and color palette. Tackling the layout/organization of information for this piece required me to go back to the basis: paper. I’m a visual person that likes to see things right away, so composing the layout on paper instead of Illustrator helped to gather my thoughts and see how they information would present itself. Doing it this way cut out a lot of work for me and made the process easier. Once I choose a layout, the next part was choosing a color palette which was done, by going to Adobe Kuler. I wanted something eye catching but subdued at the same time. I ended up using the colors from the ITEXPO logo and incorporating it into the design. Overall, I had a great time creating this infographic. While much longer than intended, the information is clear and concise.


Infographic of ITEXPO



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