Adventures in Instagram: September Edition



I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with Instagram! Surprise, surprise, you’re saying; but no, it’s taken over my entire social media life. I’ve deleted Facebook, cut ties with Vine, and don’t even glance at other platforms. Why? Because Instagram is the shit and I straight up love it.

I enjoy looking at other artists, getting a daily dose of pseudo psycho-babble, love looking at pretty things and follow some ratchets, but who doesn’t.

It started with the #100happydays (which I didn’t even finish BTW) and evolved into going around my neighborhood taking some pictures. I love it thus far and can’t wait to see how much I develop as a photographer in the next year.

Here are my favorite photos from September 2014:


Left: I bought this lovely aloe vera plant from Trader Joe’s after a stressful day at work. Sometimes leaving a toxic environment and getting something small for yourself is the key to a peaceful mind.

Right: I stumbled on this house during one of my walking adventures in Hastings on the Hudson, NY. What caught my eye was the three wood tones and its proximity to the bridge.


I live a couple of blocks from the Hudson river. Some days, I like to take a nice walk and discover new places. I stumbled on this after one such day.


I was soooo excited to have discovered this. In all honesty, I never thought street art would happen in Yonkers. What an unexpected and happy discovery.


Yonkers is currently undergoing a change – a gentrification of sorts. No matter what your thoughts on gentrification, the positive to have happened in Yonkers is the creation of this tidal marsh.


Another walking adventure picture. This was taken near the Saw Mill River Parkway (I forgot the name of the park).



Boredom can make you do some crazy things.

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