10 African Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram


Many a moons ago, I was the social media editor at Innov8tiv, an online tech magazine dedicated to putting a spotlight on Africans and those in the diaspora. Unfortunately time constraints and a growing client base prevented me from continuing in that role; but before I dipped out, I wrote “Top 5 African Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram” that I thoroughly enjoyed writing since I’m obsessed with Instagram. So when Innov8tiv hit me up to write a followup article, I jumped at the chance.

This time around, my Instagram stalking follow skill had improved and I knew exactly where to look. Now while I didn’t have a lot of trouble finding African photographers on Instagram this time around, the problematic issue of lack of diversity in the arts and tech space made my search unnecessary difficult. Usually, conducting a simple search will result in a couple of pages worth of information, unfortunately for me, the only viable result I found was my previous article. Why is it so hard to find a “best of” or “top” article highlighting African Americans, Africans, or even women in design? Sheesh. Are we not deserving of some distinction and praise? Sigh

So this got me thinking about why I wanted to start a blog in the first place; to document my journey as a designer but also to highlight people that inspire me: my peers, women, and minority whom are making a big impact. So, for 2015, I’m going to highlight those that inspire me and hope that you follow.

But onto the real reason for this article, to read the full “10 African Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram” article, head over to Innov8tiv.

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